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Q. Who is Pharmabid®?

Pharmabid®, LLC is an impartial company acting as the auctioneer between the manufacturer and the bidders. Pharmabid® is only responsible for notifying the manufacturer of the winning bidder and the winning price. Pharmabid® does not take delivery of any product nor do they handle the financial transaction between the bidder and the manufacturer.

Q.How does it work?

Bidders sign-up by clicking the appropriate link on our home page, and providing Pharmabid® with some key contact information on your business. Prior to the auction starting, the manufacturer takes a look at the bidder list and determines who is approved to participate in that particular auction. Once the auction begins, so does the bidding until the auction ends. As long as the reserved price is met (if there is one), information from Pharmabid® as to the winning bidder and price is transferred to the manufacturer. The manufacturer promptly contacts the winning bidder for a P.O. number, and ships and bills the product won at our auction.

Q. Who Can Bid?

In order to be approved to bid, bidders must be a licensed wholesaler or distributor and must be in a good financial position with that specific manufacturer posting the goods for sale. The terms and conditions will be outlined in the posting, for instance, non-returnable.

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